Gordan Petricic has been intrigued about graphic design since the early 1990’s,
when he got the first taste of it working for one of Belgrade’s newspaper, way
back when the layouts were still being set by hand. Wide spectrum of his career
in Belgrade includes positions in companies such as: Design Studio Graffitti,
Daily Telegraf, DDB Needham - Idea Plus.

In 1999, he moved to Canada. For the first four years he worked as an Art Director
for Grey Worldwide. From 2003 he worked as a freelance Art Director for various
agencies in Toronto: Anderson DDB, Aquent, Epicus, Not Traditional, Dual
Design. Having honed his skills working in Belgrade and Toronto for a variety of
agencies he has touched every aspect of graphic design: from identity branding,
to advertising, brochure and packaging design, web. His success in the world of
visual communications has been determined by his ability to listen and synthesize
feedback from different sources into a distinctive image, to produce work that
is conceived and executed with elegance and rigor, work that goes beyond its
functional intention, accompanied by a solid understanding of a corporate world.

His work has always had one result: happy clients and uncompromising
aesthetics. He was recognized at the 2002 Digital Marketing Awards held in
Toronto, that brought him two awards for the work he has done on website and
newsletter for Mars Corporation. Gordan is also a member of ULUPUDS -
The Association of Applied Artists and Graphic Designers of Serbia (Associated
with ICOGRADA - International Council of Graphic Design Association).